Thursday, May 8, 2014


She's little, but full of promise: Our first strawberry of the season.

"The world's favorite season is the spring.  All things seem possible in May."

-Edwin Way Teale


Chamomile grows atop

the pretty clay pot

found discarded

on the roadside

near a church.

Healthy dirt,

cradles rooting plants

The berry beams.

Lean in,

can you hear her?



She whispers.


Pictured is our first strawberry of the season.  We've been watching it daily to see how it ripens.  My daughter, who is usually quick to pick a berry, has been very patient, waiting for it to reach it's full potential. Few things make me happier than these simple sights in the garden.

The beautiful strawberry pot is one of three my daughter spotted on the side of the road with a free sign (she inherited side of the road shopping from her mother). So far our new strawberry plants have been really happy in these pots.