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This blog is about frugal living. It is about my frugal journey and I share it in the hopes it can open discussion and serve as a forum for support and encouragement for others wherever they are on their journey. All things written reflect my opinions.  

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Links to products may contain affiliate links. An affiliate link means that if an item is purchased after clicking on the link there may be a small compensation to me. I will only ever share products in line with what I believe to be healthy, frugal and valuable. They are things that I have actually used or read, personally.  This is not a "Daily Deals" site.


Ads may appear on my blog. Just like affiliate links, there is potential to earn small amounts of money through these ads.


I am not, nor do I claim to be an expert.  Just a frugal gal doing the best to maintain and create health, financial security, and peace of mind.  Please consult actual experts for financial, health or safety advice!