Monday, September 15, 2014

A Week in the Life in Photos

This week I got to exercise my domestic muscles which I love.
Lots of time in the kitchen and a little bit of time in the garden.  The garden is slowing down quickly, but I managed to harvest this yesterday.  Not bad, eh?

Tomatoes, cukes, purple beans and kale.
The strawberries are still producing, and I can't wait to get them a patch of their own next year.

I ate my Spanish Tortilla everyday last week for breakfast, and my body loved all that protein.  I really feel like it kept my energy level constant throughout the day.  All my lunches were leftovers, which is excellent news for my savings account.

The cilantro in the garden has had it (it didn't do too well this year), but it did give us lots of seeds!  I plucked those and I think I will save some to plant and use some for spice (dried coriander is from cilantro seeds).

Not the best photo, but food really is to eat, not to photograph, right? *says no blogger ever*  Peanut butter, chocolate, almond and maple syrup granola. It was supposed to be for the kiddo, as oats do a number on me.  But guess who ate most of it? Sigh. 

My commitment to no more food waste inspired a little baked apple dessert that Little Girl loved. None was left for me, but I didn't need it anyway.  Speaking of, do your kids have huge appetites?  My kid can eat grown men under the table and she is skinny as a rail!

I tried my hand at gluten free Irish Soda Bread for the first time.  This will be my go to bread from now on.  My girl loves it, as do I.  Much fewer ingredients and heartier than the Udi's I've been buying for years. The only problem is, it tastes so good, it gets eaten up far too quickly. 

My sister who also loves to feed people and enjoys the simple pleasures in life planned a picnic for the three of us before her trip to Mexico for the next 3 weeks.  The food was delicious, and the view second to none. 

There is nowhere more beautiful than Seattle on a sunny day.
Another experiment in the kitchen led to some white bean patties.  Little Girl ate them up like she would never have chance to eat them again.  Served with salad and a bit of olive tapenade on top.

On Saturday night my niece and nephew spent the night.  They are both adorable little characters with a lot of personality.  They are more like siblings to my daughter than cousins.  That means more fights, but more love too. 
My niece wearing the cat mask my daughter made last year.
The two older ones repaid their lack of sleep with breakfast in bed for me.

Toast with about 4 tablespoons of butter, berries, juice from a juice box and a tangerine.

Sunday dinner was pork chops, green beans, salad, soup, soda bread and raspberry pie for loved ones.  If you've never heard me mention it, I have some of the loveliest friends in the world.  And several of them live just a few houses away.

After all the cooking and cleaning this week I felt a bit like a sleepy kitty cat in the evenings.  As someone who used to be chronically fatigued from illness, this sort of tired makes me feel truly, truly lucky.

Photo of our baby Charlie, courtesy of Little Girl. 

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