Monday, May 12, 2014

Frugal Accomplishments

As mentioned last week, this is a series started by Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker. Her blog is beautiful, so take a peek!

What a week! "No Pay May" is still going strong.  The fridge is still pretty well stocked.  I have a very small amount left for my monthly food budget, so by the end of the month I might be getting pretty creative!  I've really been paying attention to what foods last the longest.  The $10 free range chicken that was on sale can be used throughout the week and then later for broth, but the two packages of salami that cost $5 a piece were practically gone in minutes!

All meals were made at home this week (except for when we ate at my Mom and Dad's house).

Baked brownies at home for my daughter's class instead of buying something. Screwed them up. Kept said screwed up brownie for us (they were edible just not terrific) and made a cake for teacher. Despite being gluten free, everyone loved it and couldn't tell.  That's why I love the Namaste flour blend I use! No one can tell the difference!

Made savory crepes stuffed with chicken and spinach for my work lunches.

Made beef and noodles for 3 days worth of lunches (left over dinner).

Remember how I said I ran out of hair goop? My sister randomly asked me if I wanted a tube of great hair goop that she couldn't use!

I prepped for the garage sale that was to be on Saturday, and got some much needed help from my daughter and neighbor! The sale was a great success! I priced things very cheaply (most items under were $0.25-$1) because I wanted them gone.  Most things that were left over will be going to donation.  $172 was made! 

Behold, my junk!

We will definitely be doing another garage sale sometime this summer. It feels so good to let go of what we no longer need.

Upcycled an earring that lost its match into a pretty necklace.

Used my diva cup and made homemade Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for cramps.

I hosted a Mother's Day brunch and made quinoa salad, lentil salad (with fresh mint from the garden), this iced teaand made dark chocolate covered strawberries.  Everyone brought lots of delicious food and treats to share.  It was really a wonderful party.

The box that held the Mother's Day gift from my daughter.

I made bouquets from the garden for the mothers and aunties at the Mother's Day party.

I was so excited to make these pretty bouquets from plants and flowers growing in my garden.

Gave some frugal gifts (I will write more in a later post).

A gift for my sister-in-law for her birthday which we celebrated at the Mother's Day brunch.

I watched 2 movies from the library, listened to music on Pandora, played outside and picked flowers.

I also called my phone company to see if there were any better plans than what I have.  For the same amount I pay monthly, I was able to get extra data and free international texting added.  I was excited about the international texting especially because I have a dear friend who lives in New Zealand!  That very same friend texted me yesterday to wish me a happy Mother's Day! 

Were you frugal this week? Share your frugal accomplishments in the comment section!

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  1. Great stuff! I love The Prudent Homemaker, too, and have added this weekly feature to my blog, also. Looking forward to reading your weekly updates!

  2. Thank you debtgal! I will check out your blog too!


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